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Here we go, guys! Get excited!

Well well well… looks like a big announcement is coming next week! Any guesses as to what it might be? (Make sure to check back here for more updates as September approaches!)

We have liftoff! Well, we have an approximate date!

Stay tuned, fellow frans. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be providing more information and resources you can use to do everything from getting your friends and family hooked on Michelle’s music to spreading the word and ensuring her new music reaches even more ears and touches even more hearts than it ever has before. 




I just want to say thank you to all of our lovely followers! We’re so excited to have you join us and we can’t wait to begin street teaming as soon as is logistically possible!




I made this a while ago and then posted it on a reblog, but then I deleted it because maybe you guys wouldn’t want me to use your names…  I thought I was send it to you though, in case you might find it the slightest bit amusing. (Character assignments were random, BTW)…

Oh. My. God. THIS IS AMAZING. tunebomb and FYMC, look, we’re the Unholy Trinity! sdfgskjghskhg

(These are actually super accurate assignments, though. I mean, I’ve got Brittany’s spirit (if you tack on like 50 more IQ points) and we’re both whateversexual. FYMC is Quinn because she was here first and is kind of the leader (AND RECENTLY SHE’S NEVER AROUND). And tunebomb is Santana…well, tunebomb isn’t really Santana but they’re both AWESOME.)

Your lovely admins! Thanks abcdyke for the awesome edit!

pinterest? yes? no?
Anonymous said—

Right now, no. (Personally I don’t have one and I’m not sure what it is or how it works but maybe one of the other admins does and might be able to give you more info on that!)


Stickers?! Are there stickers?! If so I need some!!! I need a crap ton!
Anonymous said—

Sorry, no! We said in that message that stickers are actually out for now because 1. we don’t have a way to print them and 2. we don’t want to be responsible for your addresses right now so mailing any sort of material is out.

However, if you have a way to print your own stickers and you’d like to print any forthcoming promotional material onto stickers, I can’t see a problem with that.


Don't you think that if Michelle wanted her music on the radio she would have done record deals? Maybe she wants to lay low and not be put out there? I honestly think you should talk to her about this first...
Anonymous said—

Well, we’re not talking about RIGHT NOW. What we meant was when she releases her new music, presumably under a record deal but perhaps otherwise. We really aren’t planning to be very active until right before she releases her new music, when more details will surface. We aren’t pushing for her previously released music to be on the radio mostly because we don’t know about the legality of that, but also because it’s true that Michelle may not want that. However, I really find it hard to believe that any artist, signed or not, would NOT want their music on the radio. Regardless, thank you for your consideration!


I received this question on my blog so I thought I’d post it here just in case anyone else is confused about what the Street Team does! :) And if at any time you have any suggestions, please let us know!


Sadly, I guess Microsoft employees couldn’t figure out how to take pictures with their Windows phones. (HA! I love slamming Windows phones when I get the chance.)


I can feel the heat from that burn all the way over here. (Windows phones are pretty terrible, though. I’m a loving iPhone owner myself, but like, yikes.)