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Announcing the Michelle Chamuel Street Team!

Hello, Frans! Announcing the latest frandom project from the hive mind of FYMC, team4eyes, and tunebomb: the Unofficial Michelle Chamuel Street Team!

Our goal with this project is simple – to take advantage of tried and true grassroots techniques in order to promote the hell out of Michelle Chamuel and her music. While we wait patiently for some sort of official announcement and confirmed release date, we’re getting a jump-start on promoting this amazing artist and even more amazing human being. In addition to promoting the release of Michelle’s album, we plan to promote any accompanying tours or live shows by spreading the word online and by pounding the pavement.

Additional resources will be trickling in in the coming days and weeks and, when an official release date is confirmed, the real work will begin. For now, join us in bringing as much attention to this extraordinary musician and person as possible! Bring friends and family into the frandom! Share Michelle’s original music on Facebook, twitter, and tumblr! Anything you can think of! 

Let’s do this thing!

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    Signal boosting for the day time crowd!
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    In case you missed it last night, this is a thing that’s happening!
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